RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a kind of computer data storage, which enables the data to be read randomly without accessing the preceding bytes before that. That makes the RAM considerably faster than other kinds of storage devices including DVDs or HDDs where all of the data must be read so as to access particular info. If you have a shared hosting account, the exact amount of memory which your web apps can use may not be fixed and may sometimes depend on the free memory which is available on the physical hosting server. With a standalone hosting server, however, there is always a minimum amount of physical memory which shall be readily available at all times and won't be assigned to other customers even when it is not used. That's valid with our virtual and dedicated web servers.

Guaranteed RAM in VPS

When you choose to host your websites on a virtual private server acquired from us, the amount of RAM which you'll get with it shall be guaranteed and shall be available at all times no matter what. The VPS accounts are set up on powerful web servers and when your virtual server is created, the RAM memory which comes with the particular plan will be "locked", so even in case you use only a part of it at some point while another VPS account is using most of its system resources, we won't allot the free RAM from your account even briefly. That is valid if you upgrade the whole memory of the virtual server as well - the extra amount will be added to your account completely. You'll be able to upgrade either your entire plan or only the server’s RAM with just a few clicks inside the billing CP.

Guaranteed RAM in Dedicated Hosting

The amount of RAM that comes with each and every dedicated server which we supply is large enough even for extremely resource-demanding web applications. The memory will be available for your websites and every other software which you install on the server at all times, so if at some point you use a fraction of the system resources you have, we will never alter the hardware configuration that you have ordered. All of the components are subjected to testing before the server is built, including the RAM sticks, to make sure that you will get a flawlessly performing machine that will ensure the best possible performance for your Internet sites. The amount of physical memory which you have shall be listed with the full web server configuration specifications inside your billing CP.